Historical Geography

historical geographyHistorical Geography is a sub-discipline of Geography that reconstructs the geographies of past societies, cultures, and landscapes while in turn assessing how such pasts have influenced the geographies of the present and future. A key objective of research in historical geography is to understand how geographical knowledge is produced and disseminated through maps, texts, and other media while also documenting the effects of such knowledge in projects of colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, and postcolonialism. Societal transformations enabled by industrialization, urbanization, varied political ideologies, and mass migration, and their impacts on populations according to class, race, and gender, form another cornerstone of research. Studies of collective memory and heritage trace the value assigned to sites, places, regions, and other environments in public and private contexts. Research methods vary from historical GIS and large-scale demographic studies to the critical engagements undertaken with a wide array of quantitative and qualitative documents under a social-theoretical lens.

Faculty conducting research in the area of Historical Geography

William Jenkins