Dr. Joe Mihevc as a Visiting Professor for 2019-20


The Department of Geography is proud to welcome Dr. Joe Mihevc as a Visiting Professor for 2019-20. Dr. Mihevc was a city councillor for the City of York and the City of Toronto for 27 years (1991-2018). Among other positions, he has served as Deputy Mayor of the City of York, Chair of the Board of Health, Chair of the Community Development Committee, Chair of the Taskforce on Access and Equity, Vice Chair of the TTC, and Vice Chair of the Budget Committee. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in municipal governance and public policy, public health, community development, community engagement, housing policy, economic development, urban planning and redevelopment, transit planning, and newcomer resettlement. He also has a Ph.D. (in Theology and Social Ethics) and has decades of experience teaching at the university level, including serving as the Director of the Globalization of Theology Program at the Toronto School of Theology and St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto, a program that sends students to Peru and Mexico.

This fall, he will be teaching GEOG 4240: The Planning of Urban Public Facilities - which is already full!

Joe's office is in the City Institute, on the 7th floor of the Kaneff Tower, and undergraduate and graduate students should feel free to seek him out there.