Message from the Chair

Welcome to the website of the Department of Geography at York University.

We are a community of researchers, teachers, students and staff dedicated to understanding and changing the world around us. The word geography itself means ‘earth writing’ and our discipline analyzes the spatial dimensions of human societies and the processes that underpin our natural environment.

Our faculty members and graduate students are producing leading research in their respective fields. The quality of our research community is measurable in the many grants and fellowships awarded, and in our output of books, articles and other work. But the impact of York Geography is also found in a wider sphere of influence for our research, from immigration and refugee policy and urban planning, to green economy strategies and environmental management. Just as importantly, our impact is found in our collaborations with the communities in which we conduct research - from First Nations in Canada, to neighbourhoods in Toronto, to social movements in the Global South.

By bringing research expertise into the classroom, we train our undergraduate students with skills they will use in diverse fields and professions. We also seek to nurture critical, engaged and informed citizens who are knowledgeable about the world around them. Our alumni work in almost every conceivable field including municipal, provincial and federal governments, conservation authorities, school boards, urban social service providers, healthcare agencies, environmental consultancies and public opinion polling companies. We are always keen to stay in touch with alumni through the York Geography Alumni Network.

I encourage you to learn more about our programs by exploring these webpages or by contacting me or any of our faculty and staff. We also welcome visitors on the 4th floor of the Ross Building on York’s Keele Campus, or you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.


Philip Kelly

Chair, Department of Geography