BSc and Environmental Science

High School Admission Requirements:

For Ontario students, admission into Environmental Science in first year requires:

  • BSc: Life Sciences: SCH4U and MHF4U and MCV4U.(SPH4U recommended)
  • BSc: Physical Sciences: MHF4U and MCV4U. SCH4U and SPH4U.
  • Courses in secondary school Physical Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (R/S) are an asset, though not a requirement.

Students from other Canadian provinces and territories, the United States, International students from other countries, transfer students from other universities and colleges, visiting students, mature students, aboriginal students, home-schooled students and returning and reactivating students, please see specific requirements at the York University admissions web site.

Once you are enrolled in Science at York University:

  • Students entering York University as Undeclared Science Majors can enroll in the Environmental Science program after 1st year.
  • To remain in the specialized honours BSc program in Environmental Science requires a C+ standing corresponding to a GPA of 5.0.
  • Students are permitted to transfer between the Physical and Life Science streams or between Environmental Science and other majors (such as the BSc in Physical Geography) after enrolled, but it becomes increasingly more challenging to fulfill program requirements in normal time frames, when this transfer is delayed after the second year.
  • First year course requirements in both Environmental Science streams serve as foundation courses for Year II or upper level (Year III, Year IV) courses. Commonly, not all required introductory courses can be accommodated in your first year of study. Consequently, students complete their degree requirements at different stages during their studies. Consult individual course descriptions of Year II and upper level courses in planning your program to ensure you have any necessary course prerequisites.
  • ┬áConsult the Undergraduate Program Assistants in the departments offering your selections to ensure courses are being offered in the semester you are planning and set-up an advising appointment with the Environmental Science Program Coordinator if you require individual assistance.