Prospective Students

What York Geography (& Environmental Science) Offers You

As one of the oldest academic disciplines, geography is intertwined in virtually everything we do. As geographers, we focus on building an understanding of both the natural and human-built surface of our planet and how these interact to create the rich and complex environments within which we live. We study the terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric spheres which we inhabit, within which we move and interact, and the processes that continuously, both slowly and rapidly, reshape the Earth’s surface, generate weather patterns, and redistribute energy and resources. We study how human activity has profoundly shaped the earth, giving rise to our cities, suburbs, farms, and even countries. In this respect, we also investigate the complex flows of people, goods, money, and ideas that continually reshape our world. We develop skills with the rapidly developing digital and quantitative technologies that allow us to measure, represent, interpret, and analyze the environments, phenomena, and processes that we study.

Our programs seek to connect the physical and human components of our existence by examining some of the most pressing contemporary concerns. We dissect the causes and impacts of climate change, unequal access to resources, the extraction and depletion or natural resources, and the precarious states of energy and food security. We seek to understand the causes of geographical phenomena as diverse as threats to biodiversity conservation, mass human migrations, and the impacts poverty and inequality have on urban systems and sustainability. We study the causes, consequences, and implications of human and natural processes on urban and regional development, the state of our being, and that of our environment.

We are committed to experiential learning, fieldwork, and the implementation of methods and technologies that address real-world challenges. We immerse our students in the subject matter they study, from the streets of Toronto and streams of the Arctic to the bustling cities and rural landscapes of Asia, Africa, and beyond. Our goal is to both provide a rich environment for learning that connects you with passionate instructors, vast resources, modern facilities, and unique experiences. We work to prepare our students for future employment and for life as an educated, informed, and skilled citizen of the world. We invite you to join us.